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Vision, Purpose, and Values

Our vision, purpose, and values reflect DURA’s unique culture of innovation, unity and continuous reinvention.

CORE FOUR Guiding Principles

Our Core Four Guiding Principles ensure consistency of purpose and direction across the global enterprise.

Quality & Operational Excellence

DURA employs a world-class operating system (DOS 2.0) to drive competitive advantage.

Achieving Operational Excellence

Every day at DURA, our talented teams across the globe help move the world forward with exceptional products. We rise to different challenges, we innovate and operate for the future, and we deliver smart, sustainable products and capabilities to satisfy the diverse needs of our customer base. The DURA Operating System (DOS 2.0) is our strategic framework for competitive advantage and our pathway to achieving operational excellence.

Operational excellence is built upon proficiency and relentless discipline across 5 DURA principles; People Involvement, Standardization, Built-in Quality, Materials Management, and Continuous Improvement. A Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) philosophy drives policy, process, and procedures to heightened levels. Lessons learned and best practices are cascaded across the global enterprise enabling consistent practices and behaviors to achieve ever-improving performance.

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Dura continues to lead the way with new technology evolution. At the 2020 Future Vehicles NVH Summit, Dura CTO Sanjay Singh discussed the goals, challenges and opportunities for NVH professionals as the vehicle landscape continues toward autonomous! #ElectricVehicles

Sanjay Singh, CTO of Dura Automotive, shared the virtual stage with top technology experts at this year's American Automotive Summit 2020 on the topic of industry conversion to Electrification. A key topic, as we launch 3 lightweight EV battery tray factories within 18 months!

Excited to share this podcast interview featuring new Dura Automotive CEO Kimberly Rodriguez with Jason Stein, publisher of Automotive News. The focus is 'back on': How Dura Auto will unlock value
#Lightweighting #MiddleGroundCapital #ElectricVehicles!