Innovation driven by inspiration.®

We have assets that enable us to do so:
our Integrated Management System to monitor health & security, our environmental operations, our Lean Management toolbox to reduce waste and optimize efficiency, and our motivated and talented teams.

We want to go further and integrate a sustainable development vision in each
of our projects to reply to, and moreover anticipate, our customers' needs and develop our employees skills and build
with our strategically aligned suppliers.
This is our 21st century agenda.

Be there with us.

Quality has been our day to day commitment for many years. Our
products and manufacturing processes
are continuously monitored to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.

The future is challenging; we need to
widen our vision of doing business.
Safety and security issues are non-negotiable. In the automotive sector,
as everywhere, environmental responsibilities are increasing. Innovation
is a key route to differentiation and growth. We want to address all of these issues
with commitment and success.