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DURA was first-to-market power sliding windows with a defrost feature for pickup trucks.

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Supplier PO Terms & Conditions

The DURA North American Terms and
Conditions of Purchase apply to Purchase
Orders issued by DURA as noted on the
specific Purchase Order form.

Sale and Delivery Terms & Conditions

If you have questions regarding the
DURA North American Terms and Conditions of Purchase, or the Sale and Delivery Terms and Conditions, please contact your respective Dura Buyer.

Remaining a leading player in today's competitive automotive market requires
the latest in technologies and value generation. That's why DURA partners
with only the strongest supply base of talented companies. Key suppliers team with DURA employees for the latest training in waste reducing practices like the six-sigma black belt process. Today's challenging market requires our very best internal performance and the very best performance of our suppliers.

DURA e-business initiatives are a major
part of our drive to meet our goals. We are pleased to offer the Supplier ExtraNet for your convenience.